7 Ways To Do Tube Adjustment Technics For Aerospace Tube Fabrication Parts

7 Ways To Do Tube Adjustment Technics For Aerospace Tube Fabrication Parts

Aerospace Tube Adjustment Techniques Weld distortion , Profile Adjustment and many more

Tube adjustment Technics:
In Aerospace or hydraulic tube fabrication manufacturing manufacturing companies very much focusing on the quality of there product. because tubes are mainly used pressure air flow application and high force hydraulic transfer process in aeroengine. quality is very important in tube fabrication industries.

Normally during bending high quality bending machine and data verification system will be available to ensure tube co-ordinates. but after many operation will be perform, during these stages part profile may get disturb or loss there dimension tolerance , many companies are facing this issue they unable fix this issue.

What are the suspect cause for tubes are getting disturb :
 Improper part movement
There is not proper re-cutting methodology in shop
Improper packaging systems
Lack of operator awareness skills
Poor supervision
Financial struggle
Management support not sufficient
Where Exactly Tube profile get distort and Tube Profile Get Disturb:
Tube distortion happen due to welding because during welding, if you not considering the weld component and tube axis is single axis you will get 100% distortion in the tube.
Solution for the welding distortion for tubes
The 100% we can not eliminate the welding distortion for tube welding for the aerospace or hydraulics tubes because distortion is the welding nature but we can reduce up 90% using proper Technics.

Let’s discuss what are Technics available to reduce tube welding distortion in welding process

Aerospace tube welding distortion fixture design horizontal Technics

Find above fixture , sample design to reduce the distortion during welding for tubes welding with orbital welding process. in this Technics we you can hold the weld component and tube with very less spring pressure. this is establish process in tube welding using orbital welding machine. the investment is very less but you will get very good result in this Technics and very minor distortion we can get.

After made this design and welding process also we will get little distortion will come for that we have to do manual adjust using some hand made tools after welding.

Let’s discuss what are tools are required for tube adjustment after tube welding or after orbital tube welding
Tommy bar :

Tube adjustment tools to remove weld distortion

Tommy bar very much useful for tube adjustment, this will help you to adjust the tube angle close and open. you have to design tool as per your tube component internal tube diameter. the material of the Tommy bar must be aluminium or brass and copper. why because when you are inserting the tool inside the weld components , and when applying the force in the there will be chance of damage happen inside tube or component surface.
Rubber Mallet:

Rubber mallet For Tube Adjustment After Tube orbital Welding , to Remove weld distortion

Rubber mallet is very useful to make sure tube straightness and if any small angle open and close required. Make sure rubber mallet must be little weight otherwise, the impact force will actor on the tube and tube adjustment will be difficult.

3. Manual Tube Bender :
Manual tube bending is very good for little tube adjustment, especially for very thin wall thickness manually bender is very useful to adjust closing angle without disturbing radius dimension.
Why we have to use manual bender?
Because manual tube bender will have radius and proper clamming mechanism and when you required to increase the bending angle easily you can bend. the main advantages of manual tube bender is you can maintain constant ovality and dent free tube adjustment rework.

How to select manual tube bender for tube adjustment
Find below points and based on below you can select and order manual tube bender.
Tube bender must be hydraulic if you want to perform more 40mm diameter of the tubes.
Analyse your project parts and check the minimum straight length between bend , based on that length select pressure die  and clamping die.
Do not buy pressure die very more length because you are purchasing for the tube adjustment , you purpose one maximum 30 degree , just calculate arc length and select pressure die.

Manual Tube bender For Tube Adjustment After Tube orbital Welding , to Remove weld distortion

4. Rubber And Wooden V Block :
Rubber and wood V block are user supporting during tube adjustment, when you want to hit on the tube , you must place the tube on V block. The V block you have design as per you tube radius and maximum angle wise.

Recommended V block material is always rubber with 100 to 120 shore hardness and less hard wood material.

V Block For Tube Adjustment After Tube orbital Welding , to Remove weld distortion

More than tube adjustment , impotent tool is skilled operator because this work depends upon operator mindset, so that working atmosphere must be very silent always in this work center otherwise operator will not concentration on his job. and other main thing we need to maintain in this cell is whatever frequently using tools or hand tools that must available in near to work center and operator should not search. because contraction will miss on the part. 

What are the skill should be available for the operator who working tube adjustment?
Operator must know type of the tube defects
Operator must know the defect measuring methods
Operator must know how to use measuring instrument like caliper , screw gauge ect..
Presence of mind
Pressure with standing person required
Tube bending defect analysis and best solution for tube bending defects

Watch typical example manual tube bender for tube adjustment after tube orbital tube welding to remove weld distortion

I hope this article use for tube shop fabrication process , if any clarification required regarding tube adjustment , feel free to comment us will assist you .

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